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ci tooth brush


\3,500 (25this)

Ultra excellent ease of use in the oral cavity with a thin head

GC MI Paste



After mouth wash and brushing the teeth topically MI paste. Overage in 3 minutes, 30 minutes after approaching the gargle with small amount of water. In the meantime the saliva timely spits out.

The contents of 40 g

Concours re pettanko Rio 80 g x 3 book set



Hyperion teeth periodontitis-related prevention supplements and enhancers, cells (fibroblasts) are healthy as a new toothpaste would have to be evaluated. Sautéed feeling after rinsing, salty taste and mild is very popular. Point directly to massage gums, rinse immediately.

3D white strips professional effects 40 sheets



Highest level of satisfaction in the crest 3D series professional effect!
One day one time 30 minutes between posting and only 20th among white teeth

Simple steps for more beautiful, white teeth

Piedras propolins dental whitening 600 ml Propolinse



Propolis extract containing the liquid toothpaste dental whitening!
Propolins (sold separately) with a swish. Just scrub with whitening! .
Natural antimicrobial ingredients "propolis" & tooth friendly "xylitol" scheme.
Earn easy dental whitening healthy teeth.

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